Board Member Onboarding Program Suggestions

Today, 80% of foreign companies prefer implementing an onboarding system and forming an effective board of directors. This article will analyze the best board member onboarding programs to make this procedure easier.

The essence of the onboarding system in the corporate governance

Today, companies are facing unprecedented challenges: the explosive growth of technology, changing business models, increasing the speed of decision-making, the introduction of new management practices. More than ever, business needs directors who can meet new challenges and help find a balance between sustainability and development. One of the trends that we are seeing today is the use of advanced onboarding programs. It is a process aimed at helping a new employee to adapt to a new environment and the development of board members, which is complementary to the topic of succession planning.

Strategic management of a company implies the setting and solving of new goals and objectives, the organization of new business processes, and the formation of human resources that meet new requirements. It requires the use of modern HR technologies. Entrepreneurs today are taking advantage of the latest technological advances, recruiting and hiring staff across geographies, and scrambling to acquire talent. All this is a catalyst for a shift in the perception of the onboarding process. Onboarding is an accelerated process of familiarizing new employees with the company and their effective inclusion in work in record time. The onboarding process is almost analogous to the first day of school, and this day also makes people nervous.

The basic characteristics of the board onboarding program

Adaptation is an important but, at the same time, quite stressful period, and the success of its success depends on how much you manage to take care, automate and systematize the process. Modern companies know that by investing a little more effort into employee engagement and engagement early on, they can reap higher returns by developing new employees faster and turning them into productive workers in record time. Thus, the IT market offers many reliable software solutions for efficient board onboarding. 

The main components of any board onboarding program are the “Four Cs”:

    • compliance – the main rules and regulations related to the legal aspects and policies of the company;
    • clarification – employees know and understand the essence of their new position and job responsibilities, as well as expectations from their work;
    • culture – employees understand organizational norms and rules, both formal and informal;
    • connection – building critical interpersonal relationships and informational contacts that new employees need to work effectively.

The best programs for board member onboarding

The list of the most preferred programs for board members’ onboarding includes:

    • OnBoard board portal is a digital platform where board members can host online board meetings using secure board portal software. It eliminates the paperwork, printing, typing, and emailing process. After the trial period, the chatbot works as a self-management tool.
    • PeopleForce allows board members to configure and control onboarding in a single system. It will enable them to monitor the process of completing onboarding tasks and their effectiveness, compliance with deadlines, and overdue tasks. A structured knowledge base with all the company’s materials will help the employee to get acquainted with valuable information. In addition, the program will help to create and save materials in video, audio, photo, or document formats.
    • CarMoney set itself the task of minimizing the outflow of personnel at the stage of the probationary period and reducing the dependence on the format of work and number during the adaptation of personnel. In addition, the program increases engagement reminds board members of its importance and helps structure the information received.