Hot Topics for Boards in 2022

Introducing modern board management practices helps owners achieve their goals and strengthens the company’s competitive position. So, what are the most popular topics for boards in 2022?

How does the board of directors work?

Good corporate governance enhances a company’s competitiveness, facilitates its access to capital markets, and influences a company’s economic growth. The board of directors is the main component of corporate governance. This collegial body communicates the external environment of the company, in which potential investors are present. Also, it monitors and improves the elements of the internal environment of the corporation.

The board of directors carries out strategic management of the company, determines approaches to risk management and internal control, monitors compliance with the principles of transparency and information disclosure, smoothes out conflicts in the company, and monitors compliance with corporate governance practices. The company’s purpose and values are often set out in its constituent documents, reflecting the intentions of its owners regarding the field of activity and the principles of operation. However, sometimes it is appropriate for the board of directors to decide whether this is in the interests of those served by the company, as well as other stakeholders, and to change the company’s strategic vision and plans.

In many companies, where management often works directly with the owners, another role of the board of directors is relevant: creating stability and predictability. The board of directors acts as a systemic buffer between the entrepreneurial drive of the owners and the company’s and management’s need for the game’s rules. This system works incredibly effectively when the owner transfers the company’s management to hired management, and a conflict of worldviews and approaches arises. In this case, the board of directors becomes a kind of decision-making buffer through which all initiatives pass and balanced collegial decisions are made.

What are the how topics for boards in 2022?

With the help of the next generation of leaders, boards of directors will be able to rethink how they work to meet today’s demands for long-term value creation. The processes in the world today are becoming more complex, and the threats are becoming more interconnected. As a result, boards of directors have the opportunity to change their approach to controlling risk management radically. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to rethink the purpose of the organization, ensure the principles of diversity in the formation of its composition and professional competencies, and also actively use advanced technologies to make better decisions and free up time for tasks related to creating long-term value.

Nowadays, companies are starting to think more about their growth and innovation, so boards need to focus on strategy. To provide an overview of the most important changes and requirements in the 2022 reporting year, the main topics for boards are briefly summarized below:

  • the strategy of the company;
  • values with which the company will carry out its daily duties;
  • improving the image of the company and its competitiveness;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the company management;
  • the attraction of external financial resources / Fundraising;
  • external collaboration.

So, the high reputation of the board of directors has a beneficial effect on the reputation of the corporation itself, which is characterized, in particular, by the possibility of attracting borrowed resources on more favorable terms. Companies with many outside directors, who hold more than three positions on various boards, often experience high investment activity.